Coming from the royal side of Rajasthan, Sanjai Art is one of the leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Marble Religious Statues, Marble Statue and Handicraft Items. Established in the year 1990, we have years of experience under our wing, thus being one of the most trusted and widely appreciated companies in the market. Due to our high level of detailing and an intricate finishing on the products, a massive number of religious temples come to us for manufacturing their idols.

Backed with a team of highly skilled artisans and renowned craftsmen, our workers make sure that they work with utmost dedication and diligence, thus doing justice by providing our clients with highly detailed statues which they have never seen before. Be it a household gathering or a religious ceremony, we assure you that our products would make your guests leave awestruck due to the beauty and elegance of these statues.

We manufacture various kinds of Religious Statues such as Jalaram Bapa Statue, Marble God Statue , Shiva Statues, Shiv Parvati Statue and many more.

High Degree of Skill

Coming from the heart of Rajasthan, our company is based in Jaipur, a place where people are known for their creativity, Our craftsmen and sculptors are one of the finest experts in the country. Being highly skilled with their tools, they provide an exquisite range of detailing on the statues which makes people have a awestruck reaction. Ensuring that we use superior quality raw materials to produce these Religious Statues, Marble God Statue etc, our company takes their required raw materials from the most trusted vendors.

Having 2 production plants, we use state of the art technology for our products, thus making sure that they get a unique finishing.

Why to choose Us ?

With over two decades of experience under our wing, we have been creating the most unique idols and status made using unsurpassed quality of raw materials. Catering to a number of industries, we have been trusted for our work by many reasons, which are mentioned below.

  • High Intricacy, thanks to our skilled workers.
  • Smooth and Unique finishing produced due to our advanced technology.
  • Vast amount of experience has allowed us to cater to various customized requirements of our clients.
  • Quality driven team of workers take exhaustive measures to make sure that every product is a top of the line item.